Laser hair removal is one of the fastest growing procedures in the country. The treatments are quicker and easier than waxing, more effective on large areas than electrolysis, and safer on the skin than a dull razor in a dark shower at 6 am!

We have tried many lasers and have found the Candela GentleLASE laser gives the most consistent and lasting results. It provides comfortable treatment because of a patented cryogen skin cooling device, resulting in a light that treats with a puff of cold air.

Hair Removal Using Our GentleLASE Laser

The GentleLASE laser uses a specific frequency that seeks out pigment cells. Dark hair contains large amounts of this pigment and attracts the light energy of the laser. The laser energy travels down the hair follicle and destroys or damages the root and cells that nourish a hair under the skin's surface.

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Pigment Seeking Light

  • The Laser cannot detect hair without pigment such as blonde, white or grey, and cannot treat this type of hair.
  • If a person does not have much contrast between the pigment in the skin and in the hair, (ex. Hair is too light or skin is too dark) the treatment may not be effective for destroying hair without damaging skin. This person would not be a good candidate for treatment.
  • Clients must refrain from sun or tanning booth exposure in the areas to be treated for six to eight weeks because tan skin has activated pigment cells and can absorb the light causing unwanted side effects.

Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Refrain from sun exposure at least 4-6 weeks prior to treatment and 2 weeks after treatment to keep area from hyperpigmenting.
  • Leave hair slightly visible, but short, prior to treatment. (Shave area 1-2 days prior to treatment. Stop any plucking or waxing at least 4 weeks prior to treatment).
  • Refrain from plucking, waxing or electrolysis at least 6 weeks prior to treatment.
  • After treatment apply cold pack or aloe gel to any warm areas.
  • Do not shave or apply makeup/deodorant to area for 24 hours post treatment.
  • Do not pick at any soft scabs, keep moist with Polysporin.

Contraindications for Treatment

  • Photosensitive medications should be stopped 48 hours - 2 weeks prior to having treatment depending on medication.
  • People with diabetes should not have treatment on extremities and require a physician's note.
  • Women should refrain from treatment during pregnancy due to hormone shifts and subsequent hair growth, but may receive treatment with physician's permission.
  • Blonde, grey and white hair cannot be treated and red hair results vary.
  • People who suffer from cold sores may need to take preventive medicine if having treatment to lip area.
  • People taking Accutane cannot have treatment until they have been off the medicine for 6 months.
  • People taking blood thinners such as Coumadin cannot have treatment while on these medications.
  • Due to the changeable nature of the human body results vary from person to person.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Laser hair removal can be performed effectively on most people. A few limitations to the technology must be considered. The hair must contain enough pigment to absorb the light, which means blond, white or grey hair will not work. All skin types can be treated but the treatment works best on light to medium skin tone with darker hair. The skin must be its natural color. A tan to the skin during treatment can cause a burn to the skin. Some medications and medical conditions prohibit a person from safely having laser hair treatment, consult your technologist if your have any questions.

The feel of laser treatment is relatively painless. The Candela GentleLASE's cryogen spray helps cool the skin an instant before the laser fires and makes the treatment more tolerable. Usually the feeling is described as a rubber band snap or a scratch. The feeling from the laser application goes away within seconds. Sometimes there is a "tingling or tender" feeling to the area that has been treated for a short time after. In most cases you will feel as though nothing was done once you leave the office.

The skin may be slightly red and have some swelling around the follicles right after treatment. This redness and swelling will fade away quickly. The hair in the area will often be singed but will not fall out or shed for 10-14 days after treatment. You will notice less hair in the area until the next growth cycle when the area is ready to be treated again. With each treatment, you will see less hair coming back and the texture will be lighter and finer.

Tanning and laser hair removal are not compatible. Tanning prior to the procedure will result in negative side effects, such as soft scabs, burning, change in pigmentation, and in severe cases, blistering and scarring. Because of these possible adverse reactions, we will not perform treatment on tanned skin. You may tan areas other than those being treated. You may also use self-tanning products as long as the tint is worn off before your treatment. Self-tanning products typically wear off within one week after application.